49 CFR § 390.25 - Extension of relief from regulations - emergencies.

§ 390.25 Extension of relief from regulations - emergencies.

FMCSA may extend the 30-day time period of the exemption contained in § 390.23(a)(1), but not the 5-day time period contained in § 390.23(a)(2) or the 24-hour period contained in § 390.23(a)(3). Any motor carrier or driver seeking to extend the 30-day limit shall obtain approval from FMCSA in the region in which the motor carrier's principal place of business is located before the expiration of the 30-day period. The motor carrier or driver shall give full details of the additional relief requested. FMCSA shall determine if such relief is necessary taking into account both the severity of the ongoing emergency and the nature of the relief services to be provided by the carrier or driver. If FMCSA approves an extension of the exemption, he or she shall establish a new time limit and place on the motor carrier or driver any other restrictions deemed necessary.

[57 FR 33647, July 30, 1992, as amended at 86 FR 57073, Oct. 14, 2021]