49 CFR § 390.36 - Harassment of drivers prohibited.

§ 390.36 Harassment of drivers prohibited.

(a) Harass or harassment defined. As used in this section, harass or harassment means an action by a motor carrier toward a driver employed by the motor carrier (including an independent contractor while in the course of operating a commercial motor vehicle on behalf of the motor carrier) involving the use of information available to the motor carrier through an ELD, as defined in § 395.2 of this chapter, or through other technology used in combination with and not separable from the ELD, that the motor carrier knew, or should have known, would result in the driver violating § 392.3 or part 395 of this subchapter.

(b) Prohibition against harassment.

(1) No motor carrier may harass a driver.

(2) Nothing in paragraph (b)(1) of this section shall be construed to prevent a motor carrier from using technology allowed under this subchapter to monitor productivity of a driver provided that such monitoring does not result in harassment.

(c) Complaint process. A driver who believes he or she was the subject of harassment by a motor carrier may file a written complaint under § 386.12(b) of this subchapter.

[80 FR 78383, Dec. 16, 2015]