49 CFR § 395.11 - Supporting documents.

§ 395.11 Supporting documents.

(a) Effective date. This section takes effect December 18, 2017.

(b) Submission of supporting documents to motor carrier. Except drivers for a private motor carrier of passengers (nonbusiness), a driver must submit to the driver's employer the driver's supporting documents within 13 days of either the 24-hour period to which the documents pertain or the day the document comes into the driver's possession, whichever is later.

(c) Supporting document retention.

(1) Subject to paragraph (d) of this section, a motor carrier must retain each supporting document generated or received in the normal course of business in the following categories for each of its drivers for every 24-hour period to verify on-duty not driving time in accordance with § 395.8(k):

(i) Each bill of lading, itinerary, schedule, or equivalent document that indicates the origin and destination of each trip;

(ii) Each dispatch record, trip record, or equivalent document;

(iii) Each expense receipt related to any on-duty not driving time;

(iv) Each electronic mobile communication record, reflecting communications transmitted through a fleet management system; and

(v) Each payroll record, settlement sheet, or equivalent document that indicates payment to a driver.


(i) A supporting document must include each of the following data elements:

(A) On the document or on another document that enables the carrier to link the document to the driver, the driver's name or personal identification number (PIN) or a unit (vehicle) number if the unit number can be associated with the driver operating the unit;

(B) The date, which must be the date at the location where the date is recorded;

(C) The location, which must include the name of the nearest city, town, or village to enable Federal, State, or local enforcement personnel to quickly determine a vehicle's location on a standard map or road atlas; and

(D) Subject to paragraph (c)(2)(ii) of this section, the time, which must be convertible to the local time at the location where it is recorded.

(ii) If a driver has fewer than eight supporting documents containing the four data elements under paragraph (c)(2)(i) of this section for a 24-hour period, a document containing the data elements under paragraphs (c)(2)(i)(A) through (C) of this section is considered a supporting document for purposes of paragraph (d) of this section.

(d) Maximum number of supporting documents.

(1) Subject to paragraphs (d)(3) and (4) of this section, a motor carrier need not retain more than eight supporting documents for an individual driver's 24-hour period under paragraph (c) of this section.

(2) In applying the limit on the number of documents required under paragraph (d)(1) of this section, each electronic mobile communication record applicable to an individual driver's 24-hour period shall be counted as a single document.

(3) If a motor carrier has more than eight supporting documents for a driver's 24 hour period, the motor carrier must retain the supporting documents containing the earliest and the latest time indications among the eight supporting documents retained.

(4) In addition to other supporting documents required under this section, and notwithstanding the maximum number of documents under paragraph (d)(1) of this section, a motor carrier that requires a driver to complete a paper record of duty status under § 395.8(a)(1)(iii) must maintain toll receipts for any period when the driver kept paper records of duty status.

(e) Link to driver's record of duty status. A motor carrier must retain supporting documents in such a manner that they may be effectively matched to the corresponding driver's record of duty status.

(f) Prohibition of destruction. No motor carrier or driver may obscure, deface, destroy, mutilate, or alter existing information contained in a supporting document.

(g) Supporting documents at roadside.

(1) Upon request during a roadside inspection, a driver must make available to an authorized Federal, State, or local official for the official's review any supporting document in the driver's possession.

(2) A driver need not produce a supporting document under paragraph (g)(1) of this section in a format other than the format in which the driver possesses it.

(h) Self-compliance systems.

(1) FMCSA may authorize on a case-by-case basis motor carrier self-compliance systems.

(2) Requests for use of a supporting document self-compliance system may be submitted to FMCSA under the procedures described in 49 CFR part 381, subpart C (Procedures for Applying for Exemptions).

(3) FMCSA will consider requests concerning types of supporting documents retained by a motor carrier under § 395.8(k)(1) and the method by which a driver retains a copy of the record of duty status for the previous 7 days and makes it available for inspection while on duty in accordance with § 395.8.

[80 FR 78384, Dec. 16, 2015]