49 CFR § 395.24 - Driver responsibilities—In general.

§ 395.24 Driver responsibilities—In general.

(a) In general. A driver must provide the information the ELD requires as prompted by the ELD and required by the motor carrier.

(b) Driver's duty status. A driver must input the driver's duty status by selecting among the following categories available on the ELD:

(1) “Off duty” or “OFF” or “1”;

(2) “Sleeper berth” or “SB” or “2”, to be used only if sleeper berth is used;

(3) “Driving” or “D” or “3”; or

(4) “On-duty not driving” or “ON” or “4”.

(c) Miscellaneous data.

(1) A driver must manually input the following information in the ELD:

(i) Annotations, when applicable;

(ii) Driver's location description, when prompted by the ELD; and

(iii) Output file comment, when directed by an authorized safety officer.

(2) A driver must manually input or verify the following information on the ELD:

(i) Commercial motor vehicle power unit number;

(ii) Trailer number(s), if applicable; and

(iii) Shipping document number, if applicable.

(d) Driver use of ELD. On request by an authorized safety official, a driver must produce and transfer from an ELD the driver's hours-of-service records in accordance with the instruction sheet provided by the motor carrier.