49 CFR § 567.3 - Definitions.

§ 567.3 Definitions.

All terms that are defined in the Act and the rules and standards issued under its authority are used as defined therein. The term “bumper” has the meaning assigned to it in Title I of the Cost Savings Act and the rules and standards issued under its authority.

Addendum means the document described in § 568.5 of this chapter.

Altered vehicle means a completed vehicle previously certified in accordance with § 567.4 or § 567.5 that has been altered other than by the addition, substitution, or removal of readily attachable components, such as mirrors or tire and rim assemblies, or by minor finishing operations such as painting, before the first purchase of the vehicle other than for resale, in such a manner as may affect the conformity of the vehicle with one or more Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard(s) or the validity of the vehicle's stated weight ratings or vehicle type classification.

Alterer means a person who alters by addition, substitution, or removal of components (other than readily attachable components) a certified vehicle before the first purchase of the vehicle other than for resale.

Chassis-cab means an incomplete vehicle, with a completed occupant compartment, that requires only the addition of cargo-carrying, work-performing, or load-bearing components to perform its intended functions.

Completed vehicle means a vehicle that requires no further manufacturing operations to perform its intended function.

Final-stage manufacturer means a person who performs such manufacturing operations on an incomplete vehicle that it becomes a completed vehicle.

Incomplete trailer means a vehicle that is capable of being drawn and that consists, at a minimum, of a chassis (including the frame) structure and suspension system but needs further manufacturing operations performed on it to become a completed vehicle.

Incomplete vehicle means

(1) An assemblage consisting, at a minimum, of chassis (including the frame) structure, power train, steering system, suspension system, and braking system, in the state that those systems are to be part of the completed vehicle, but requires further manufacturing operations to become a completed vehicle; or

(2) An incomplete trailer.

Incomplete vehicle document or IVD means the document described in 49 CFR 568.4(a) and (b).

Incomplete vehicle manufacturer means a person who manufactures an incomplete vehicle by assembling components none of which, taken separately, constitute an incomplete vehicle.

Intermediate manufacturer means a person, other than the incomplete vehicle manufacturer or the final-stage manufacturer, who performs manufacturing operations on a vehicle manufactured in two or more stages.

Replica motor vehicle means a motor vehicle meeting the definition of replica motor vehicle in 49 CFR part 586.

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