49 CFR § 840.3 - Notification of railroad accidents.

§ 840.3 Notification of railroad accidents.

The operator of a railroad shall notify the Board by telephoning the National Response Center at telephone 800-424-0201 at the earliest practicable time after the occurrence of any one of the following railroad accidents:

(a) No later than 2 hours after an accident which results in:

(1) A passenger or employee fatality or serious injury to two or more crewmembers or passengers requiring admission to a hospital;

(2) The evacuation of a passenger train;

(3) Damage to a tank car or container resulting in release of hazardous materials or involving evacuation of the general public; or

(4) A fatality at a grade crossing.

(b) No later than 4 hours after an accident which does not involve any of the circumstances enumerated in paragraph (a) of this section but which results in:

(1) Damage (based on a preliminary gross estimate) of $150,000 or more for repairs, or the current replacement cost, to railroad and nonrailroad property; or

(2) Damage of $25,000 or more to a passenger train and railroad and nonrailroad property.

(c) Accidents involving joint operations must be reported by the railroad that controls the track and directs the movement of trains where the accident has occurred.

(d) Where an accident for which notification is required by paragraph (a) or (b) of this section occurs in a remote area, the time limits set forth in that paragraph shall commence from the time the first railroad employee who was not at the accident site at the time of its occurrence has received notice thereof.

[53 FR 49152, Dec. 6, 1988]