5 CFR § 1201.26 - Number of pleadings, service, and response.

§ 1201.26 Number of pleadings, service, and response.

(a) Number. The appellant must file two copies of both the appeal and all attachments with the appropriate Board office, unless the appellant files an appeal in electronic form under § 1201.14.

(b) Service -

(1) Service by the Board. The appropriate office of the Board will mail a copy of the appeal to each party to the proceeding other than the appellant. It will attach to each copy a service list, consisting of a list of the names and addresses of the parties to the proceeding or their designated representatives.

(2) Service by the parties. The parties must serve on each other one copy of each pleading, as defined by § 1201.4(b), and all documents submitted with it, except for the appeal. They may do so by mail, by facsimile, by commercial or personal delivery, or by electronic filing in accordance with § 1201.14. Documents and pleadings must be served upon each party and each representative. A certificate of service stating how and when service was made must accompany each pleading. The parties must notify the appropriate Board office and one another, in writing, of any changes in the names, or addresses on the service list.

(c) Paper size. Pleadings and attachments must be filed on 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper, except for good cause shown. This requirement enables the Board to comply with standards established for U.S. courts. All electronic documents must be formatted so that they will print on 8 1/2 by 11-inch paper.

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