5 CFR § 1210.11 - Initial status conference; scheduling the hearing.

§ 1210.11 Initial status conference; scheduling the hearing.

This regulation contains guidance for the parties concerning when initial status conferences will occur and the issues that will be addressed. In any appeal under this part the administrative judge retains complete discretion in deciding when to schedule the initial status conference and in selecting the issues to be addressed.

(a) Scheduling the conference. The administrative judge will schedule the initial status conference. Generally, the parties should expect that the initial status conference will take place within a week after the appeal is filed.

(b) Issues likely to be addressed at the initial status conference. The parties should be prepared to discuss the following issues at the initial status conference:

(1) The hearing date and anticipated length of the hearing;

(2) Settlement;

(3) Discovery deadlines and disputes;

(4) Admission or rejection of exhibits;

(5) Witnesses to be called to testify at the hearing;

(6) Motions; and,

(7) Any other issues identified by, or that require the involvement of, the administrative judge.

(c) Additional status conferences. The administrative judge may schedule additional status conferences as necessary to fully develop the case for hearing.