5 CFR § 1210.6 - Electronic filing procedures; expedited filing procedures.

§ 1210.6 Electronic filing procedures; expedited filing procedures.

(a) Required use of MSPB e-filing system. All parties must electronically file all pleadings and documents listed in 5 CFR 1201.14(b) by using the MSPB's e-filing system (e-Appeal Online). An attempt to file an appeal using any other method will result in rejection of the appeal and will not constitute compliance with the 7-day filing deadline under the Act, except in the limited circumstances described in § 1210.7(c).

(b) Expedited filing and service requirements. All documents and pleadings not otherwise covered in paragraph (a) of this section must be filed in accordance with any expedited filing and service procedures ordered by the administrative judge.

(c) The parties should frequently check the Repository on e-Appeal Online to ensure that they are aware of new pleadings, orders and submissions in a timely fashion. A party's failure to check for updates on e-Appeal Online may lead to a denial of a request to extend a deadline and/or the imposition of sanctions.