5 CFR § 1315.11 - Additional penalties.

§ 1315.11 Additional penalties.

(a) Vendor entitlements. A vendor shall be entitled to an additional penalty payment when the vendor is owed a late payment interest penalty by an agency of $1.00 or more, if it:

(1) Receives a payment dated after the payment due date which does not include the interest penalty also due to the vendor;

(2) Is not paid the interest penalty by the agency within 10 days after the actual payment date; and

(3) Makes a written request that the agency pay such an additional penalty. Such request must be postmarked, received by facsimile, or by electronic mail, by the 40th day after payment was made. If there is no postmark or if it is illegible, the request will be valid if it is received and annotated with the date of receipt by the agency by the 40th day. The written request must include the following:

(i) Specific assertion that late payment interest is due for a specific invoice, and request payment of all overdue late payment interest penalty and such additional penalty as may be required; and

(ii) A copy of the invoice on which late payment interest was due but not paid and a statement that the principal has been received, and the date of receipt of the principle.

(b) Maximum penalty. The additional penalty shall be equal to one hundred (100) percent of the original late payment interest penalty but must not exceed $5,000.

(c) Minimum penalty. Regardless of the amount of the late payment interest penalty, the additional penalty paid shall not be less than $25. No additional penalty is owed, however, if the amount of the interest penalty is less than $1.00.

(d) Penalty basis. The penalty is based on individual invoices. Where payments are consolidated for disbursing purposes, the penalty determinations shall be made separately for each invoice therein.

(e) Utility payments. The additional penalty does not apply to the payment of utility bills where late payment penalties for these bills are determined through the tariff rate-setting process.

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