5 CFR § 1315.6 - Payment without evidence that supplies have been received (fast payment).

§ 1315.6 Payment without evidence that supplies have been received (fast payment).

(a) In limited situations, payment may be made without evidence that supplies have been received. Instead, a contractor certification that supplies have been shipped may be used as the basis for authorizing payment. Payment may be made within 15 days after the date of receipt of the invoice. This payment procedure may be employed only when all of the following conditions are present:

(1) Individual orders do not exceed $25,000 (except where agency heads permits a higher amount on a case-by-case basis);

(2) Deliveries of supplies are to occur where there is both a geographical separation and a lack of adequate communications facilities between Government receiving and disbursing activities that make it impracticable to make timely payments based on evidence of Federal acceptance;

(3) Title to supplies will vest in the Government upon delivery to a post office or common carrier for mailing or shipment to destination or upon receipt by the Government if the shipment is by means other than the Postal Service or a common carrier; and

(4) The contractor agrees to replace, repair, or correct supplies not received at destination, damaged in transit, or not conforming to purchase requirements.

(b) Agencies shall promptly inspect and accept supplies acquired under these procedures and shall ensure that receiving reports and payment documents are matched and steps are taken to correct discrepancies.

(c) Agencies shall ensure that specific internal controls are in place to assure that supplies paid for are received.

(d) As authorized by the 1988 Amendment to the Prompt Payment Act (Section 11(b)(1)(C)), a contract clause at 48 CFR 52.213–1 is provided in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) at 48 CFR part 13, subpart 13.4 “Fast Payment Procedure,” for use when using this fast payment procedure.