5 CFR § 1320.14 - Public access.

§ 1320.14 Public access.

(a) In order to enable the public to participate in and provide comments during the clearance process, OMB will ordinarily make its paperwork docket files available for public inspection during normal business hours. Notwithstanding other provisions of this Part, and to the extent permitted by law, requirements to publish public notices or to provide materials to the public may be modified or waived by the Director to the extent that such public participation in the approval process would defeat the purpose of the collection of information; jeopardize the confidentiality of proprietary, trade secret, or other confidential information; violate State or Federal law; or substantially interfere with an agency's ability to perform its statutory obligations.

(b) Agencies shall provide copies of the material submitted to OMB for review promptly upon request by any person.

(c) Any person may request OMB to review any collection of information conducted by or for an agency to determine, if, under this Act and this part, a person shall maintain, provide, or disclose the information to or for the agency. Unless the request is frivolous, OMB shall, in coordination with the agency responsible for the collection of information:

(1) Respond to the request within 60 days after receiving the request, unless such period is extended by OMB to a specified date and the person making the request is given notice of such extension; and

(2) Take appropriate remedial action, if necessary.