5 CFR § 1320.18 - Other authority.

§ 1320.18 Other authority.

(a) OMB shall determine whether any collection of information or other matter is within the scope of the Act, or this Part.

(b) In appropriate cases, after consultation with the agency, OMB may initiate a rulemaking proceeding to determine whether an agency's collection of information is consistent with statutory standards. Such proceedings shall be in accordance with the informal rulemaking procedures of the Administrative Procedure Act.

(c) Each agency is responsible for complying with the information policies, principles, standards, and guidelines prescribed by OMB under this Act.

(d) To the extent permitted by law, OMB may waive any requirements contained in this part.

(e) Nothing in this part shall be interpreted to limit the authority of OMB under this Act, or any other law. Nothing in this part or this Act shall be interpreted as increasing or decreasing the authority of OMB with respect to the substantive policies and programs of the agencies.