5 CFR § 1655.20 - Residential loans.

§ 1655.20 Residential loans.

(a) A residential loan will be made only for the purchase or construction of the primary residence of the participant, or for the participant and his or her spouse, and for the amount required to close on the purchase. The participant must actually bear all or part of the cost of the purchase. If the participant purchases a primary residence with someone other than his or her spouse, only the portion of the purchase costs that is borne by the participant will be considered in making the loan. A residential loan will not be made for the purpose of paying off an existing mortgage or otherwise providing financing for a previously purchased primary residence.

(b) The participant's primary residence is his or her principal residence. A primary residence may include a house, a townhouse, a condominium, a share in a cooperative housing corporation, or a mobile home; a primary residence does not include a second home or vacation home. A participant cannot have more than one primary residence.

(c) Purchase of a primary residence means acquisition of the residence through the exchange of cash or other property or through the total construction of a new residence. A residential loan will not be made for a lease-to-buy option, unless the option to buy is being exercised and the documentation states that the funds are being used to purchase the primary residence. Construction of an addition to or the renovation of a residence or the purchase of land only does not constitute the purchase of a primary residence.

(d) The amount required to close on the purchase of a primary residence does not include points or loan origination fees charged for a loan. In addition, real estate taxes cannot be included.

(e) The documentation required for a loan under this section is as follows:

(1) For all purchases, except for construction, a signed sale/purchase contract/settlement offer or agreement or addendum; or

(2) For construction, a signed builder's agreement/contract; and

(3) For requests including closing costs and/or settlement charges, a loan estimate/worksheet/statement/closing disclosure from a mortgage company.

(f) The documentation provided under this section must meet the requirements set forth by the TSP record keeper.

[87 FR 31694, May 24, 2022]