5 CFR § 300.602 - Definitions.

§ 300.602 Definitions.

In this subpart -

Advancement means a promotion (including a temporary promotion) or any type of appointment resulting in a higher grade or higher rate of basic pay.

Competitive appointment means an appointment based on selection from a competitive examination register of eligibles or under a direct hire authority.

Hardship to an agency involves serious difficulty in filling a position, including when:

(a) The situation to be redressed results from circumstances beyond the organization's control and otherwise would require extensive corrective action; or

(b) A position at the next lower grade in the normal line of promotion does not exist and the resulting action is not a career ladder promotion; or

(c) There is a shortage of candidates for the position to be filled.

Inequity to an employee involves situations where a position is upgraded without change in the employee's duties or responsibilities, or where discrimination or administrative error prevented an employee from reaching a higher grade.

Nontemporary appointment means any appointment other than a temporary appointment pending establishment of a register (TAPER) or a temporary or excepted appointment not to exceed 1 year or less.

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