5 CFR § 3101.107 - Additional rules for Legal Division employees.

§ 3101.107 Additional rules for Legal Division employees.

The following rules apply to the employees of the Legal Division and are in addition to §§ 3101.101 through 3101.104:

(a) Application of rules of other bureaus. In addition to the rule contained in paragraph (b) of this section, employees in the Legal Division shall be covered by the rules contained in this part that are applicable to employees of the bureaus or offices in which the Legal Division employees serve, subject to any instructions which the General Counsel or appropriate Chief or Legal Counsel may issue in accordance with § 3101.101(b).

(b) Prohibited outside employment. Pursuant to 5 CFR 2635.802, it is prohibited and shall constitute a conflict with the employee's official duties for an attorney employed in the Legal Division to engage in the outside practice of law that might require the attorney to:

(1) Take a position that is or appears to be in conflict with the interests of the Department of the Treasury which is the client to whom the attorney owes a professional responsibility; or

(2) Interpret any statute, regulation or rule administered or issued by the Department.