5 CFR § 359.806 - Notice.

§ 359.806 Notice.

(a) An appointee is entitled to a 30 days' advance written notice of a furlough. The full notice period may be shortened, or waived, only in the event of unforseeable circumstances, such as sudden emergencies requiring immediate curtailment of activities.

(b) The written notice shall advise the appointee of:

(1) The reason for the agency decision to take the furlough action.

(2) The expected duration of the furlough and the effective dates;

(3) The basis for selecting the appointee for furlough when some but not all Senior Executive Service appointees in a given organizational unit are being furloughed;

(4) The reason if the notice period is less than 30 days;

(5) The place where the appointee may inspect the regulations and records pertinent to the action; and

(6) The appointee's appeal rights, including the time limit for the appeal and the location of the Merit Systems Protection Board office to which the appeal should be sent.

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