5 CFR § 4501.102 - Examination information.

§ 4501.102 Examination information.

(a) An employee of OPM who takes part in the construction of written tests or any other assessment device, has access to such material, or is involved in the examination rating process, shall notify his supervisor, in writing, when he intends to file for a competitive examination, an internal competitive examination, or an Armed Services entrance examination. The employee also must give such notice if he knows that his spouse, minor child, or business general partner intends to take any of these examinations.

(b) The employee's supervisor or other appropriate authority will arrange the employee's duty assignments to prevent his contact with materials related to the examination or examinations that will be taken. If the test material involved in the forthcoming examination has already been exposed to the employee, arrangements will be made for the employee or other person concerned to be given an alternate test.

(c) The employee's supervisor is responsible for seeing that notifications given by employees under this section are transmitted promptly to the Test Security Officer in OPM's Employment Service.