5 CFR § 6801.102 - Definitions.

§ 6801.102 Definitions.

For purposes of this part:

(a) Affiliate means any company that controls, is controlled by, or is under common corporate control with another company.

(b) (1) Debt or equity interest includes secured and unsecured bonds, debentures, notes, securitized assets, commercial paper, and preferred and common stock. The term encompasses both current and contingent ownership interests therein; any such beneficial or legal interest derived from a trust; any right to acquire or dispose of any long or short position in debt or equity interests; any interests convertible into debt or equity interests; and any options, rights, warrants, puts, calls, straddles, and derivatives with respect thereto.

(2) Debt or equity interest does not include deposits; credit union shares; any future interest created by someone other than the employee, his or her spouse, or dependent; or any right as a beneficiary of an estate that has not been settled.

(c) Dependent child means an employee's son, daughter, stepson, or stepdaughter if:

(1) Unmarried, under the age of 21, and living in the employee's household; or

(2) Claimed as a “dependent” on the employee's income tax return.

(d) Depository institution means a bank, trust company, thrift institution, or any institution that accepts deposits, including a bank chartered under the laws of a foreign country.

(e) Employee means an officer or employee of the Board, including a Board member. It does not include a special Government employee.

(f) Primary government securities dealer means a firm with which the Federal Reserve conducts its open market operations.

(g) Supervisory employee means an employee who is a member of the professional staff at the Board with responsibilities in the area of banking supervision and regulation.