5 CFR § 734.303 - Fundraising.

§ 734.303 Fundraising.

An employee may not knowingly:

(a) Personally solicit, accept or receive a political contribution from another person, except under the circumstances specified in § 734.208(b);

(b) Personally solicit political contributions in a speech or keynote address given at a fundraiser;

(c) Allow his or her official title to be used in connection with fundraising activities; or

(d) Solicit, accept, or receive uncompensated volunteer services from an individual who is a subordinate.

Example 1:
An employee may not host a fundraiser at his or her home. However, a spouse who is not covered under this part may host such a fundraiser and the employee may attend. The employee may not personally solicit contributions to the fundraiser. Moreover, the employee may not accept, or receive political contributions, except under the circumstances stated in § 734.208(b).
Example 2:
An employee's name may not appear on an invitation to a fundraiser as a sponsor of the fundraiser, or as a point of contact for the fundraiser.
Example 3:
An employee may not ask a subordinate employee to volunteer on behalf of a partisan political campaign.
Example 4:
An employee may not call the personnel office of a business or corporation and request that the corporation or business provide volunteers or services for a campaign. However, an employee may call an individual who works for a business or corporation and request that specific individual's services for a campaign.