5 CFR § 831.911 - Oversight of coverage determinations.

§ 831.911 Oversight of coverage determinations.

(a) Upon deciding that a position is a law enforcement officer or firefighter position, each agency head must notify OPM (Attention: Associate Director for Retirement and Insurance) stating the title of each position, the number of incumbents, and whether the position is primary or secondary. The Director of OPM retains the authority to revoke an agency head's determination that a position is a primary or secondary position, or that an individual's service in any other position is creditable under 5 U.S.C. 8336(c).

(b) Each agency must establish a file containing each coverage determination made by an agency head under § 831.903 and § 831.904, and all background material used in making the determination.

(c) Upon request by OPM, the agency will make available the entire coverage determination file for OPM to audit to ensure compliance with the provisions of this subpart.

(d) Upon request by OPM, an agency must submit to OPM a list of all covered positions and any other pertinent information requested.

(e) A coverage determination issued by OPM or its predecessor, the Civil Service Commission, will not be reopened by an employing agency, unless the agency head determines that new and material evidence is available that, despite due diligence, was not available before the decision was issued.