5 CFR § 9301.18 - Request for review.

§ 9301.18 Request for review.

(a) Individuals wishing to request a review of the decision by SIGAR with regard to an initial request to amend a record in accordance with the provisions of § 9301.17, should submit the request for review in writing and, to the extent possible, include the information specified in § 9301.17(a). Individuals desiring assistance in the preparation of their request for review should contact the Privacy Officer at the address provided herein.

(b) The request for review should contain a brief description of the record involved or in lieu thereof, copies of the correspondence from SIGAR in which the request to amend was denied, and also should state the reasons why the individual believes that the disputed information should be amended. The request for review should make reference to the information furnished by the individual in support of his claim and the reasons, as required by § 9301.17, set forth by SIGAR in its decision denying the amendment. In order to avoid the unnecessary retention of personal information, SIGAR reserves the right to dispose of the material concerning the request to amend a record if no request for review in accordance with this section is received by SIGAR within 180 days of the mailing by SIGAR of its decision upon an initial request. A request for review received after the 180 day period may, at the discretion of the Privacy Officer, be treated as an initial request to amend a record.

(c) The request for review should be addressed to the Appellate Authority, Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, 2530 Crystal Drive, Arlington, VA 22202. As there may be delays in mail delivery, it is advisable to send the request via facsimile to (703) 601-3804 or by email to sigar.pentagon.gen-coun.mbx.privacy@mail.mil.

(d) Final determinations on requests for reviews within SIGAR will be made by the Appellate Authority. Additional information may be requested by the Appellate Authority from the person requesting a review if necessary to make a determination.

(e) The Appellate Authority will inform the person making the request in writing of the decision on the request for review within 30 days (excluding Satur days, Sun days and legal Federal holi days) from the date of receipt by SIGAR of the individual's request for review, unless the Appellate Authority extends the 30 day period for good cause. The extension and the reasons therefore will be sent by SIGAR to the individual within the initial 30 day period. Included in the notice of a decision being reviewed, if the decision does not grant in full the request for review, will be a description of the steps the individual may take to obtain judicial review of such a decision, and a statement that the individual may file a concise statement with SIGAR setting forth the individual's reasons for his disagreement with the decision upon the request for review. The SIGAR Privacy Officer has the authority to determine the “conciseness” of the statement, taking into account the scope of the disagreement and the complexity of the issues. Upon the filing of a proper concise statement by the individual, any subsequent disclosure of the information in dispute will have the information in dispute clearly noted and a copy of the concise statement furnished, setting forth its reasons for not making the requested changes, if SIGAR chooses to file such a statement. A copy of the individual's statement, and if it chooses, SIGAR's statement, will be sent to any prior transferee of the disputed information who is listed on the accounting required by 5 U.S.C. 552a(c).

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