5 CFR Appendix II to Part 1201 - Appropriate Regional or Field Office for Filing Appeals

Appendix II to Part 1201 - Appropriate Regional or Field Office for Filing Appeals

All submissions shall be addressed to the Regional Director, if submitted to a regional office, or the Chief Administrative Judge, if submitted to a field office, Merit Systems Protection Board, at the addresses listed below, according to geographic region of the employing agency or as required by ยง 1201.4(d) of this part. The facsimile numbers listed below are TDD-capable; however, calls will be answered by voice before being connected to the TDD. Address of Appropriate Regional or Field Office and Area Served:

1. Atlanta Regional Office, 401 West Peachtree Street, NW., 10th floor, Atlanta, Georgia 30308-3519, Facsimile No.: (404) 730-2767, (Alabama; Florida; Georgia; Mississippi; South Carolina; and Tennessee).

2. Central Regional Office, 230 South Dearborn Street, 31st floor, Chicago, Illinois 60604-1669, Facsimile No.: (312) 886-4231, (Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas City, Kansas; Kentucky; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Ohio; and Wisconsin).

3. Northeastern Regional Office, 1601 Market Street, Suite 1700, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Facsimile No.: (215) 597-3456, (Connecticut; Delaware; Maine; Maryland - except the counties of Montgomery and Prince George's; Massachusetts; New Hampshire; New Jersey - except the counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union; Pennsylvania; Rhode Island; Vermont; and West Virginia).

3a. New York Field Office, 26 Federal Plaza, Room 3137-A, New York, New York 10278-0022, Facsimile No.: (212) 264-1417, (New Jersey - counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, and Union; New York; Puerto Rico; and Virgin Islands).

4. Washington Regional Office, 1901 S. Bell Street, Arlington, Virginia 22202, Facsimile No.: (703) 756-7112, (Maryland - counties of Montgomery and Prince George's; North Carolina; Virginia; Washington, DC; and all overseas areas not otherwise covered).

5. Western Regional Office, 1301 Clay Street, Suite 1380N, Oakland, California 94612-5217, Facsimile No.: (510) 273-7136, (Alaska; California; Hawaii; Idaho; Nevada; Oregon; Washington; and Pacific overseas areas).

5a. Denver Field Office, 165 South Union Blvd., Suite 318, Lakewood, Colorado 80228-2211, Facsimile No.: (303) 969-5109, (Arizona; Colorado; Kansas - except Kansas City; Montana; Nebraska; New Mexico; North Dakota; South Dakota; Utah; and Wyoming).

6. Dallas Regional Office, 1100 Commerce Street, Room 620, Dallas, Texas 75242-9979, Facsimile No.: (214) 767-0102, (Arkansas; Louisiana; Oklahoma; and Texas).

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