50 CFR § 16.15 - Importation of live reptiles or their eggs.

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§ 16.15 Importation of live reptiles or their eggs.

(a) The importation, transportation, or acquisition of any live specimen, gamete, viable egg, or hybrid of the species listed in this paragraph is prohibited except as provided under the terms and conditions set forth at § 16.22:

(1) Boiga irregularis (brown tree snake).

(2) Python molurus (including P. molurus molurus (Indian python) and P. molurus bivittatus (Burmese python)).

(3) Python reticulatus, Broghammerus reticulatus, or Malayopython reticulatus (reticulated python).

(4) Python sebae (Northern African python or African rock python).

(5) Python natalensis (Southern African python or African rock python).

(6) Eunectes notaeus (yellow anaconda).

(7) Eunectes deschauenseei (DeSchauensee's anaconda).

(8) Eunectes murinus (green anaconda).

(9) Eunectes beniensis (Beni anaconda).

(b) Upon the filing of a written declaration with the District Director of Customs at the port of entry as required under § 14.61, all other species of live reptiles or their eggs may be imported, transported, and possessed in captivity, without a permit, for scientific, medical, educational, exhibitional or propagating purposes, but no such live reptiles or any progency or eggs thereof may be released into the wild except by the State wildlife conservation agency having jurisdiction over the area of release or by persons having prior written permission for release from such agency.

[55 FR 17441, Apr. 25, 1990, as amended at 77 FR 3366, Jan. 23, 2012; 80 FR 12745, Mar. 10, 2015]

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