50 CFR § 18.71 - Definitions.

§ 18.71 Definitions.

Definitions shall be the same as in subpart A of this part except as follows:

(a) Party means for the purposes of this subpart:

(1) The Director or his representative; or

(2) A person who has notified the Director by specified dates of his or her intent to participate in the hearing pursuant to §§ 18.75 and 18.84(b).

(b) Presiding officer means, for the purposes of this subpart, an administrative law judge of the Office of Hearings and Appeals appointed in accordance with 5 U.S.C. 3105.

(c) Witness means, for the purposes of this subpart, any person who provides direct testimony on the proposed regulations and waiver. A person may be both a party and a witness.

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