50 CFR § 18.82 - Prehearing order.

§ 18.82 Prehearing order.

(a) After the prehearing conference, the presiding officer shall prepare a prehearing order which shall be published in the Federal Register within ten days after the conclusion of the conference. A copy of the prehearing order shall be mailed to all Parties.

(b) The prehearing order shall list: (1) All the issues which the hearing shall address, the order in which those issues shall be presented, and the direct testimony submitted which bears on the issues; and (2) a final date for submission of direct testimony on issues of fact not included in the notice of hearing if such issues are presented. The prehearing order may also specify a final date for submission of direct testimony to rebut testimony previously submitted during the time specified in the notice of the hearing.

(c) The presiding officer shall publish with the prehearing order a list of witnesses who may appear at the hearing, a list of parties, the nature of the interest of each party, and which parties interests are adverse on the issues presented.

(d) All parties shall be bound by the prehearing order.

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