50 CFR 23.74 - How can I trade internationally in personal sport-hunted trophies?

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§ 23.74 How can I trade internationally in personal sport-hunted trophies?
(a) U.S. and foreign general provisions. Except as provided for personal and household effects in § 23.15, the import, export, or re-export of sport-hunted trophies of species listed under CITES must meet the requirements of this section and the other requirements of this part (see subparts B and C for prohibitions and application procedures).
(b) Sport-hunted trophy means raw or tanned parts of a specimen that was taken by a hunter, who is also the importer, exporter, or re-exporter, during a sport hunt for personal use. It may include the bones, claws, hair, head, hide, hooves, horns, meat, skull, teeth, tusks, or any taxidermied part, including, but not limited to, a rug or taxidermied head, shoulder, or full mount. It does not include articles made from a trophy, such as worked, manufactured, or handicraft items for use as clothing, curios, ornamentation, jewelry, or other utilitarian items.
(c) Use after import. You may use your sport-hunted trophy after import into the United States as provided in § 23.55.
(d) Quantity and tagging. The following provisions apply to the issuance and acceptance of U.S. and foreign CITES documents:
(1) The number of trophies that one hunter may import in any calendar year for the following species is:
(i) No more than two leopard (Panthera pardus) trophies.
(ii) No more than one markhor (Capra falconeri) trophy.
(iii) No more than one black rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis) trophy.
(2) Each trophy imported, exported, or re-exported must be marked or tagged in the following manner:
(i) Leopard and markhor: Each raw or tanned skin must have a self-locking tag inserted through the skin and permanently locked in place using the locking mechanism of the tag. The tag must indicate the country of origin, the number of the specimen in relation to the annual quota, and the calendar year in which the specimen was taken in the wild. A mounted sport-hunted trophy must be accompanied by the tag from the skin used to make the mount.
(ii) Black rhinoceros: Parts of the trophy, including, but not limited to, skin, skull, or horns, whether mounted or loose, should be individually marked with reference to the country of origin, species, the number of the specimen in relation to the annual quota, and the year of export.
(3) The export permit or re-export certificate or an annex attached to the permit or certificate must contain all the information that is given on the tag.

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