50 CFR § 34.9 - Protests.

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§ 34.9 Protests.

(a) Computation of payments shall be based on Federal records concerning land, real property improvements, and accounting of net receipts from areas administered solely or primarily by the Service.

(b) Any affected county may protest the results of the computations of its payments to the regional director in charge of the State and county affected. See § 29.21–2(c) for a listing of the regional directors of the Service.

(c) Any protesting county shall submit sufficient evidence to show error in the computation or the data from which the computations are made.

(d) All protests to the regional director shall be filed within 90 days from the date of receipt of the payment.

(e) The regional director shall consult with the affected county to resolve conflicts in the computations and/or data. The regional director shall make a determination as to the correct payment, which determination shall be final and conclusive.