50 CFR § 424.18 - Final rules - general.

§ 424.18 Final rules - general.

(a) Contents. A final rule promulgated to carry out the purposes of the Act will be published in the Federal Register. This publication will contain a detailed description of the action being finalized, a summary of the comments and recommendations received in response to the proposal (including applicable public hearings), summaries of the data on which the rule is based and the relationship of such data to the final rule, and a description of any conservation measures available under the rule. Publication of a final rule to list, delist, or reclassify a species or designate or revise critical habitat will also provide a summary of factors affecting the species.

(1) For a rule designating or revising critical habitat, the detailed description of the action will include a map of the critical habitat area, and may also include rule text that clarifies or modifies the map. The map itself, as modified by any rule text, constitutes the official boundary of the designation.

(i) The Service responsible for the designation will include more-detailed information in the preamble of the rulemaking document and will make the coordinates and/or plot points on which the map is based available to the public on the Internet site of the Service promulgating the designation, at www.regulations.gov, and at the lead field office of the Service responsible for the designation.

(ii) In addition, if the Service responsible for the designation concludes that additional tools or supporting information would be appropriate and would help the public understand the official boundary map, it will, for the convenience of the public, make those additional tools and supporting information available on our Internet sites and at the lead field office of the Service that is responsible for the critical habitat designation (and may also include it in the preamble and/or at www.regulations.gov).

(2) The rule will, to the maximum extent practicable, include a brief description and evaluation of those activities (whether public or private) that might occur in the area and which, in the opinion of the Secretary, may adversely modify such habitat or be affected by such designation.

(b) Effective date. A final rule shall take effect -

(1) Not less than 30 days after it is published in the Federal Register, except as otherwise provided for good cause found and published with the rule; and

(2) Not less than 90 days after (i) publication in the Federal Register of the proposed rule, and (ii) actual notification of any affected State agencies and counties or equivalent jurisdictions in accordance with § 424.16(c)(1)(ii).

(c) Disagreement with State agency. If a State agency, given notice of a proposed rule in accordance with § 424.16(c)(1)(ii), submits comments disagreeing in whole or in part with a proposed rule, and the Secretary issues a final rule that is in conflict with such comments, or if the Secretary fails to adopt a regulation for which a State agency has made a petition in accordance with § 424.14, the Secretary shall provide such agency with a written justification for the failure to adopt a rule consistent with the agency's comments or petition.

[49 FR 38908, Oct. 1, 1984, as amended at 77 FR 25622, May 1, 2012]

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