50 CFR § 600.516 - Total allowable level of foreign fishing (TALFF).

§ 600.516 Total allowable level of foreign fishing (TALFF).

(a) The TALFF, if any, with respect to any fishery subject to the exclusive fishery management authority of the United States, is that portion of the OY of such fishery, which cannot or will not be harvested by vessels of the United States. Allocations of TALFF are discretionary, except that the total allowable level shall be zero for fisheries determined by the Secretary to have adequate or excess domestic harvest capacity.

(b) Each specification of OY and each assessment of the anticipated U.S. harvest will be reviewed during each fishing season. Adjustments to TALFF's will be made based on updated information relating to status of stocks, estimated and actual performance of domestic and foreign fleets, and other relevant factors.

(c) Specifications of OY and the initial estimates of U.S. harvests and TALFF's at the beginning of the relevant fishing year will be published in the Federal Register. Adjustments to those numbers will be published in the Federal Register upon occasion or as directed by regulations implementing FMPs. For current apportionments, contact the appropriate Regional Administrator or the Director.

[61 FR 32540, June 24, 1996, as amended at 63 FR 7075, Feb. 12, 1998; 73 FR 67811, Nov. 17, 2008]

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