50 CFR § 622.243 - Gear identification.

§ 622.243 Gear identification.

(a) Golden crab traps and associated buoys -

(1) Golden crab traps. A golden crab trap used or possessed in the South Atlantic EEZ or on board a vessel with a commercial permit for golden crab must have the commercial vessel permit number permanently affixed so as to be easily distinguished, located, and identified; an identification tag issued by the RA may be used for this purpose but is not required.

(2) Associated buoys. In the South Atlantic EEZ, buoys are not required to be used, but, if used, each buoy must display the official number assigned by the RA so as to be easily distinguished, located, and identified.

(3) Presumption of ownership. A golden crab trap in the EEZ will be presumed to be the property of the most recently documented owner. This presumption will not apply with respect to such traps that are lost or sold if the owner reports the loss or sale within 15 days to the RA.

(4) Unmarked golden crab traps. An unmarked golden crab trap or a buoy deployed in the EEZ where such trap or buoy is required to be marked is illegal and may be disposed of in any appropriate manner by the Assistant Administrator or an authorized officer.

(b) [Reserved]