50 CFR § 622.383 - Limited harvest species.

§ 622.383 Limited harvest species.

(a) General.

(1) The harvest and possession restrictions of this section apply without regard to whether the species is harvested by a vessel operating under a commercial vessel permit. The operator of a vessel that fishes in the EEZ is responsible for the limit applicable to that vessel.

(2) A person who fishes in the EEZ may not combine a harvest limitation specified in this section with a harvest limitation applicable to state waters. A species subject to a harvest limitation specified in this section taken in the EEZ may not be transferred at sea, regardless of where such transfer takes place, and such species may not be transferred in the EEZ.

(b) Gulf migratory group cobia. No person may possess more than two Gulf migratory group cobia per day in or from the EEZ, regardless of the number of trips or duration of a trip.

[78 FR 22952, Apr. 17, 2013, as amended at 82 FR 36347, Aug. 4, 2017]