50 CFR § 660.100 - Purpose and scope.

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§ 660.100 Purpose and scope.

This subpart applies to the Pacific coast groundfish limited entry trawl fishery. Under the trawl rationalization program, the limited entry trawl fishery consists of the Shorebased IFQ Program, the MS Co-op Program, and the C/P Co-op Program. Nothing in these regulations shall be construed to modify, impair, or supersede the operation of any of the antitrust laws. The trawl rationalization program creates limited access privileges. These limited access privileges, including the QS or IBQ, QP or IBQ pounds, and catch history assignments, may be revoked, limited or modified at any time in accordance with the MSA—and do not create any right of compensation to the holder of the limited access privilege if it is revoked, limited, or modified. The trawl rationalization program does not create any right, title, or interest in or to any fish before the fish is harvested by the holder and shall be considered a grant of permission to the holder of the limited access privilege to engage in activities permitted by the trawl rationalization program.

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