50 CFR § 660.16 - Groundfish observer program.

§ 660.16 Groundfish observer program.

(a) General. Vessel owners, operators, and managers are jointly and severally responsible for their vessel's compliance with observer requirements specified in this section and within §§ 660.140, 660.150, 660.160, 660.216, or 660.316.

(b) Purpose. The purpose of the Groundfish Observer Program is to collect fisheries data necessary and appropriate for, among other relevant purposes, management, compliance monitoring, and research in the groundfish fisheries and for the conservation of living marine resources.

(c) Observer coverage requirements. The following table provides references to the paragraphs in the Pacific coast groundfish subparts that contain fishery specific requirements. Observer coverage required for the Shorebased IFQ Program, MS Coop Program, or C/P Coop Program shall not be used to comply with observer coverage requirements for any other Pacific coast groundfish fishery in which that vessel may also participate.

West coast groundfish fishery Regulation section Observer program branch office
(1) Shorebased IFQ Program - Trawl Fishery § 660.140(h) West Coast Groundfish.
(2) MS Coop Program - Whiting At-sea Trawl Fishery § 660.150(j)
(i) Motherships At-sea Hake.
(ii) Catcher Vessels West Coast Groundfish.
(3) C/P Coop Program - Whiting At-sea Trawl Fishery § 660.160(g) At-sea Hake.
(4) Fixed Gear Fisheries § 660.216
(i) Harvester vessels West Coast Groundfish.
(ii) Processing vessels West Coast Groundfish.
(5) Open Access Fisheries § 660.316
(i) Harvester vessels West Coast Groundfish.
(ii) Processing vessels West Coast Groundfish.

(d) Observer certifications and responsibilities. For the Shorebased IFQ Program see § 660.140(h), for the MS Coop Program see § 660.150(j), and, for the C/P Coop Program see § 660.160(g).

(e) Application process to become an observer provider. See § 660.18.

[75 FR 78376, Dec. 15, 2010, as amended at 80 FR 22280, Apr. 21, 2015]

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