50 CFR § 660.351 - Recreational fishery—definitions.

§ 660.351 Recreational fishery—definitions.

These definitions are specific to the recreational fisheries covered in this subpart. General groundfish definitions are defined at § 660.11, subpart C.

Bag limit means the number of fish available to an angler.

Boat limit means the number of fish available to for a vessel or boat.

Hook limit means a limit on the number of hooks on any given fishing line.

Long-leader gear (also known as Holloway gear) means fishing gear with the following: One fishing line, deployed with a sinker and no more than three hooks, with a minimum of 30 feet (9.14 meters) between the sinker and the lowest hook, and a non-compressible float attached to the line above the hooks. The gear may be equipped with artificial lures and flies less than or equal to 5 inches in length. Natural bait, and lures or flies greater than 5 inches in length, may not be used.

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