50 CFR § 660.405 - Prohibitions.

§ 660.405 Prohibitions.

(a) In addition to the general prohibitions specified in § 600.725 of this chapter, it is unlawful for any person to do any of the following, except as otherwise authorized under this part:

(1) Take and retain or land salmon caught with a net in the fishery management area, except that a hand-held net may be used to bring hooked salmon on board a vessel.

(2) Fish for, or take and retain, any species of salmon:

(i) During closed seasons or in closed areas;

(ii) While possessing on board any species not allowed to be taken in the area at the time;

(iii) Once any catch limit is attained;

(iv) By means of gear or methods other than recreational fishing gear or troll fishing gear, or gear authorized under § 660.408(k) for treaty Indian fishing;

(v) In violation of any action issued under this subpart; or

(vi) In violation of any applicable area, season, species, zone, gear, daily bag limit, or length restriction.

(3) Fish for salmon in an area when salmon of less than the legal minimum length for that area are on board the fishing vessel, except that this provision does not prohibit transit of an area when salmon of less than the legal minimum length for that area are on board, so long as no fishing is being conducted.

(4) Remove the head of any salmon caught in the fishery management area, or possess a salmon with the head removed, if that salmon has been marked by removal of the adipose fin to indicate that a coded wire tag has been implanted in the head of the fish.

(5) Take and retain or possess on board a fishing vessel any species of salmon that is less than the applicable minimum total length, including the applicable minimum length for dressed, head-off salmon.

(6) Possess on board a fishing vessel a salmon, for which a minimum total length is extended or cannot be determined, except that dressed, head-off salmon may be possessed on board a freezer trolling vessel, unless the adipose fin of such salmon has been removed.

(7) Fail to return to the water immediately and with the least possible injury any salmon the retention of which is prohibited by this subpart.

(8) Engage in recreational fishing while aboard a vessel engaged in commercial fishing. This restriction is not intended to prohibit the use of fishing gear otherwise permitted under the definitions of troll and recreational fishing gear, so long as that gear is legal in the fishery for which it is being used.

(9) Take and retain, possess, or land any steelhead taken in the course of commercial fishing in the fishery management area, unless such take and retention qualifies as treaty Indian fishing.

(10) Sell, barter, offer to sell, offer to barter, or purchase any salmon taken in the course of recreational salmon fishing.

(11) Refuse to submit fishing gear or catch subject to such person's control to inspection by an authorized officer, or to interfere with or prevent, by any means, such an inspection.

(12) Take and retain Pacific halibut (Hippoglossus stenolepis) except in accordance with regulations of the International Pacific Halibut Commission at part 300 of this title. Pacific halibut that cannot be retained lawfully must be returned to the water immediately and with the least possible injury.

(13) Violate any other provision of this subpart.

(b) The fishery management area is closed to salmon fishing except as opened by this subpart or superseding regulations or notices. All open fishing periods begin at 0001 hours and end at 2400 hours local time on the dates specified, except that a fishing period may be ended prior to 2400 hours local time through an inseason action taken under § 660.409 in order to meet fishery management objectives.

(c) Under the Pacific Coast groundfish regulations at § 660.330, fishing with salmon troll gear is prohibited within the Salmon Troll Yelloweye Rockfish Conservation Area (YRCA). It is unlawful for commercial salmon troll vessels to take and retain, possess, or land fish taken with salmon troll gear within the Salmon Troll YRCA. Vessels may transit through the Salmon Troll YRCA with or without fish on board.The Salmon Troll YRCA is an area off the northern Washington coast. The Salmon Troll YRCA is intended to protect yelloweye rockfish. The Salmon Troll YRCA is defined by straight lines connecting specific latitude and longitude coordinates under the Pacific Coast Groundfish regulations at § 660.70.

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