50 CFR § 660.600 - Applicability.

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§ 660.600 Applicability.

(a) General. This subpart contains requirements for vessels using EM in lieu of observers, as authorized under § 660.140(h)(1)(i) (Shorebased IFQ Program) and § 660.150(j)(1)(i) (MS Co-op Program), and requirements for EM service providers. Vessel owners, operators, and managers are jointly and severally liable for a vessel's compliance with EM requirements under this subpart. This subpart also contains requirements for a first receiver receiving catch from a trip monitored by EM (see § 660.604(u)). The table below provides references to the sections that contain vessel owner, operator, first receiver, and service provider responsibilities.

West coast groundfish fishery Section
(1) Limited entry trawl fishery:
(i) Vessel owners 660.604
(ii) Vessel operators 660.604
(iii) First receivers 660.604
(iv) Service providers 660.603
(2) [Reserved]

(b) EM program purpose. The purpose of the EM program is to provide NMFS with the best scientific information available to determine individual accountability for catch (including discards) of IFQ species and compliance with requirements of the Shorebased IFQ Program (§ 660.140) and MS Co-op Program (§ 660.150). NMFS will develop EM Program Guidelines, which will document best practices and other information that NMFS will use to evaluate proposed service and vessel monitoring plans submitted by EM service providers and vessel owners under this subpart, and to evaluate the performance of EM service providers and vessels, in meeting the requirements of this subpart to achieve the purpose of the EM program. NMFS will develop the EM Program Guidelines in consultation with the Council and publish notice of their availability in the Federal Register. NMFS will maintain the EM Program Guidelines on its website and make them available to vessel owners and operators and EM service providers to assist in developing service plans and vessel monitoring plans that comply with the requirements of this subpart and meet the purpose of the EM program.