50 CFR § 665.211 - Annual Catch Limits (ACL).

§ 665.211 Annual Catch Limits (ACL).

(a) In accordance with § 665.4, the ACLs for MHI bottomfish fisheries for each fishing year are as follows:

Fishery 2018-19 ACL
2019-20 ACL
2020-21 ACL
Deep 7 bottomfish 492,000 492,000 492,000
Fishery 2019 ACL
2020 ACL
2021 ACL
Uku 127,205 127,205 127,205

(b) When a bottomfish ACL is projected to be reached based on analyses of available information, the Regional Administrator shall publish a document to that effect in the Federal Register and shall use other means to notify permit holders. The document will include an advisement that the fishery will be closed beginning at a specified date, which is not earlier than seven days after the date of filing the closure notice for public inspection at the Office of the Federal Register, until the end of the fishing year in which the ACL is reached.

(c) On and after the date specified in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may fish for or possess any bottomfish MUS from a closed fishery in the MHI management subarea, except as otherwise allowed in this section.

(d) On and after the date specified in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may sell or offer for sale any bottomfish MUS from a closed fishery, except as otherwise authorized by law.

(e) Fishing for, and the resultant possession or sale of, any bottomfish MUS by vessels legally registered to Mau Zone, Ho'omalu Zone, or PRIA bottomfish fishing permits and conducted in compliance with all other laws and regulations, is exempted from this section.

[85 FR 26624, May 5, 2020]