{'United States Code': [{'Title': '43', 'Section': '315a', 'headtext': ' Protection, administration, regulation, and improvement of districts; rules and regulations; study of erosion and flood control; offenses', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/43/315a'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '460k', 'headtext': ' Public recreation use of fish and wildlife conservation areas; compatibility with conservation purposes; appropriate incidental or secondary use; consistency with other Federal operations and primary objectives of particular areas; curtailment; forms of recreation not directly related to primary purposes of individual areas; repeal or amendment of provisions for particular areas', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/460k'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '460l-6d', 'headtext': ' Commercial filming', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/460l-6d'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '664', 'headtext': ' Administration; rules and regulations; availability of lands to State agencies', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/664'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '668dd', 'headtext': ' National Wildlife Refuge System', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/668dd'}, {'Title': '5', 'Section': '685', 'headtext': '', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/5/685'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '685', 'headtext': ' Hunting, trapping, killing, or capturing game in designated breeding areas unlawful', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/685'}, {'Title': '5', 'Section': '690d', 'headtext': '', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/5/690d'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '690d', 'headtext': ' Injuries to property on Bear River Refuge; disturbance of birds, etc.; violation of regulations for use of refuge', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/690d'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '715i', 'headtext': ' Administration', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/715i'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '715s', 'headtext': ' Participation of local governments in revenue from areas administered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/715s'}, {'Title': '16', 'Section': '725', 'headtext': ' Regulations, etc., by Secretary of the Interior', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/16/725'}, {'Title': '5', 'Section': '752', 'headtext': '', 'cleanpath': '/uscode/text/5/752'}], 'Statutes at Large': [], 'Public Laws': [], 'Presidential Documents': []}