6 CFR § 37.31 - Source document retention.

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§ 37.31 Source document retention.

(a)States must retain copies of the application, declaration and source documents presented under § 37.11 of this part, including documents used to establish all names recorded by the DMV under § 37.11(c)(2). States shall take measures to protect any personally identifiable information collected pursuant to the REAL ID Act as described in their security plan under § 37.41(b)(2).

(1)States that choose to keep paper copies of source documents must retain the copies for a minimum of seven years.

(2)States that choose to transfer information from paper copies to microfiche must retain the microfiche for a minimum of ten years.

(3)States that choose to keep digital images of source documents must retain the images for a minimum of ten years.

(4)States are not required to retain the declaration with application and source documents, but must retain the declaration consistent with applicable State document retention requirements and retention periods.

(b)States using digital imaging to retain source documents must store the images as follows:

(1) Photo images must be stored in the Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) 2000 standard for image compression, or a standard that is interoperable with the JPEG standard. Images must be stored in an open (consensus) format, without proprietary wrappers, to ensure States can effectively use the image captures of other States as needed.

(2) Document and signature images must be stored in a compressed Tagged Image Format (TIF), or a standard that is interoperable with the TIF standard.

(3) All images must be retrievable by the DMV if properly requested by law enforcement.

(c) Upon request by an applicant, a State shall record and retain the applicant's name, date of birth, certificate numbers, date filed, and issuing agency in lieu of an image or copy of the applicant's birth certificate, where such procedures are required by State law.