6 CFR § 37.55 - State certification documentation.

§ 37.55 State certification documentation.

(a) States seeking DHS's determination that its program for issuing REAL ID driver's licenses and identification cards is meeting the requirements of this part (full compliance), must provide DHS with the following documents:

(1) A certification by the highest level Executive official in the State overseeing the DMV reading as follows:

“I, [name and title (name of certifying official), (position title) of the State (Commonwealth))] of ______, do hereby certify that the State (Commonwealth) has implemented a program for issuing driver's licenses and identification cards in compliance with the requirements of the REAL ID Act of 2005, as further defined in 6 CFR par_t 37, and intends to remain in compliance with these regulations.”

(2) A letter from the Attorney General of the State confirming that the State has the legal authority to impose requirements necessary to meet the standards established by this part.

(3) A description of the State's exceptions process under § 37.11(h), and the State's waiver processes under § 37.45(b)(1)(v).

(4) The State's Security Plan under § 37.41.

(b) After DHS's final compliance determination, States shall recertify compliance with this part every three years on a rolling basis as determined by DHS.