7 CFR § 1000.78 - Charges on overdue accounts.

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§ 1000.78 Charges on overdue accounts.

Any unpaid obligation due the market administrator, producers, or cooperative associations from a handler pursuant to the provisions of the order shall be increased 1.0 percent each month beginning with the day following the date such obligation was due under the order. Any remaining amount due shall be increased at the same rate on the corresponding day of each succeeding month until paid. The amounts payable pursuant to this section shall be computed monthly on each unpaid obligation and shall include any unpaid charges previously computed pursuant to this section. The late charges shall accrue to the administrative assessment fund. For the purpose of this section, any obligation that was determined at a date later than prescribed by the order because of a handler's failure to submit a report to the market administrator when due shall be considered to have been payable by the date it would have been due if the report had been filed when due.