7 CFR § 1160.606 - Notice of referendum.

§ 1160.606 Notice of referendum.

The referendum agent shall provide at least 30 days' notice of any referendum authorized by the Act by:

(a) Mailing to each known person processing fluid milk products a notice of referendum, which shall include:

(1) An advance registration form to be filed with the referendum agent prior to the voting period by any person choosing to vote in the referendum, with a statement as to the time within which the registration form must be mailed to the referendum agent;

(2) A copy of the final rule, when applicable;

(3) A sample ballot containing a description of the question(s) upon which the referendum is being held; and

(4) Rules for participating in the referendum, including a statement as to the time within which the ballot must be mailed to the referendum agent; and

(b) Giving public notice of the referendum:

(1) By furnishing press releases and other information to available media of public information (including but not limited to press, radio, and television facilities) announcing the time within which ballots must be completed and mailed to the referendum agent, eligibility requirements, required certifications to cast a valid ballot, where additional information, ballots and instructions may be obtained, and other pertinent information; and

(2) By such other means as the referendum agent may deem advisable.