7 CFR § 1210.331 - Programs and projects.

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§ 1210.331 Programs and projects.

The Board shall develop and submit to the Secretary for approval any programs or projects authorized in this section. Such programs or projects shall provide for:

(a) The establishment, issuance, effectuation and administration of appropriate programs or projects for advertising and other sales promotion of watermelons designed to strengthen the position of the watermelon industry in the marketplace and to maintain, develop, and expand markets for watermelon;

(b) Establishing and carrying out research and development projects and studies to the end that the acquisition of knowledge pertaining to watermelons or their consumption and use may be encouraged or expanded, or to the end that the marketing and use of watermelons may be encouraged, expanded, improved, or made more efficient: Provided, That quality control, grade standards, supply management programs or other programs that would otherwise limit the right of the individual watermelon producer to produce watermelons shall not be conducted under, or as a part of, this Plan;

(c) The development and expansion of watermelon sales in foreign markets;

(d) A prohibition on advertising or other promotion programs that make any reference to private brand names or use false or unwarranted claims on behalf of watermelons or false or unwarranted statements with respect to the attributes or use of any competing product;

(e) Periodic evaluation by the Board of each program or project authorized under this Plan to insure that each program or project contributes to an effective and coordinated program of research and promotion and submission of such evaluation to the Secretary. If the Board or the Secretary finds that a program or project does not further the purposes of the Act, then the Board or the Secretary shall terminate such program or project; and

(f) The Board to enter into contracts or make agreements for the development and carrying out of research and promotion and pay for the costs of such contracts or agreements with funds collected pursuant to § 1210.341.