7 CFR § 1222.17 - Paper and paper-based packaging.

(a) Paper and paper-based packaging means:

(1) Printing, writing and related paper, which is coated or uncoated paper that is subsequently converted into products used for printing, writing and other communication purposes, such as file folders, envelopes, catalogues, magazines and brochures. For purposes of this Order, printing, writing and related paper includes thermal paper but does not include carbonless paper;

(2) Kraft packaging paper, which is coarse unbleached, semi-bleached or fully bleached grades of paper that are subsequently converted into products such as grocery bags, multiwall sacks, waxed paper and other products;

(3) Containerboard, which is all forms of linerboard and medium that is used to manufacture corrugated boxes, shipping containers and related products; and

(4) Paperboard, which is solid bleached kraft board, recycled board and unbleached kraft board that is subsequently converted into a wide variety of end uses, including folding boxes, food and beverage packaging, tubes, cans, and drums, and other miscellaneous products. Paperboard does not include construction-related products such as gypsum wallboard facings and panel board.

(b) For purposes of this Order, paper and paper-based packaging does not include tissue paper, newsprint or converted products.

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