7 CFR § 1410.10 - Restoration of wetlands.

§ 1410.10 Restoration of wetlands.

(a) An owner or operator who entered into a CRP contract on land that is suitable for restoration to wetlands or that was restored to wetlands while under such CRP contract, may, if approved by CCC, subject to any restrictions as may be imposed by law, apply to transfer such land from CRP to a wetland reserve easement under WRP or ACEP, as appropriate. Transferred land will be terminated from CRP effective the day a WRP or ACEP wetland reserve easement is filed. Participants will receive a prorated CRP annual payment for the part of the year the land was enrolled in CRP as specified in § 1410.42. Cost-share payments or applicable incentive payments need not be refunded unless specified by CCC.

(b) [Reserved]