7 CFR § 1410.56 - Division of payments and provisions about tenants and sharecroppers.

§ 1410.56 Division of payments and provisions about tenants and sharecroppers.

(a) Payments received under this part will be divided as specified in the applicable CRP contract and CCC will ensure that producers who would have an interest in acreage being offered receive treatment that is equitable. CCC may refuse to enter into a contract when there is a disagreement among producers seeking enrollment as to a producer's eligibility to participate in the CRP contract as a tenant and there is insufficient evidence to indicate whether the producer seeking participation as a tenant does or does not have an interest in the acreage offered for enrollment in CRP.

(b) CCC may remove an operator or tenant from a CRP contract when:

(1) The operator or tenant requests in writing to be removed from the CRP contract;

(2) The operator or tenant files for bankruptcy and the trustee or debtor in possession fails to affirm the contract, to the extent permitted by applicable bankruptcy laws;

(3) The operator or tenant dies during the CRP contract period and the administrator of the estate fails to succeed to the contract; or

(4) A court of competent jurisdiction orders the removal from the CRP contract of the operator or tenant and such order is received by CCC.

(c) In addition to paragraph (b) of this section, tenants must maintain their tenancy throughout the CRP contract period in order to remain on a CRP contract. Tenants who fail to maintain tenancy on the acreage under CRP contract, including failure to comply with applicable State law, may be removed from a CRP contract by CCC. CCC will assume the tenancy is being maintained unless notified otherwise by a party to the CRP contract.