7 CFR § 1430.401 - Administration.

§ 1430.401 Administration.

(a) The DMC Program is administered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA) under the general supervision of the Executive Vice President, CCC, or a designee, and will be carried out by FSA State and county committees and employees.

(b) FSA State and county committees, and their employees may not waive or modify any requirement of this subpart, except as provided in paragraph (e) of this section.

(c) The State committee will take any action required when not taken by the county committee, require correction of actions not in compliance, or require the withholding of any action that is not in compliance with this subpart.

(d) The Executive Vice President, CCC, or a designee, may determine any question arising under the program or reverse or modify any decision of the State or county committee.

(e) The Deputy Administrator, Farm Programs, FSA, may waive or modify non-statutory program deadlines when failure to meet such deadline does not adversely affect the operation of the DMC Program.

(f) A representative of CCC may execute a contract for participation in the DMC Program and related documents under the terms and conditions determined and announced by the Deputy Administrator on behalf of CCC. Any document not under such terms and conditions, including any purported execution before the date authorized by CCC, will be null and void.