7 CFR 1436.15 - Maintenance, liability, insurance, and inspections.

§ 1436.15 Maintenance, liability, insurance, and inspections.
(a) The borrower must maintain the loan collateral in a condition suitable for the storage of one or more of the facility loan commodities. For purpose of this section the term “loan collateral” will mean any property of any kind that was built or improved, or acquired using a loan made under this part.
(b) Until the loan has been repaid, the borrower will be liable for all damages to or destruction of the loan collateral. CCC will not assume any loss of the loan collateral.
(c) CCC may conduct annual collateral inspections to insure compliance with this part. The borrower must consent to such inspection as a term of the loan and failure to supply such access will put the borrower into default.
(d) Structures must be insured against all perils in all cases and must also be insured against flooding if the structure is located in a flood plain, as determined by CCC. Proof of flood insurance, if required, and proof of all peril structural insurance, must be provided to CCC annually. CCC must be listed as a loss payee on all peril and flood insurance policies.
(e) CCC will have rights of ingress and egress where the facility is located. Failure of the borrower to secure such access will render a borrower ineligible for the loan and, if a loan has already been made will constitute a loan default for which the remaining balance of the loan willbecome immediately due and payable.
(f) For sugar storage facility loans, in addition to the requirements of paragraph (d) of this section, sugar processors must also insure the contents of storage structures used as collateral for a sugar storage facility loan against all perils.
[66 FR 4612, Jan. 18, 2001, as amended at 67 FR 54939, Aug. 26, 2002; 74 FR 41591, Aug. 18, 2009]

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