7 CFR § 1486.101 - What special definitions apply to this program?

§ 1486.101 What special definitions apply to this program?

For purposes of this subpart, the following definitions apply:

Activities - components of a project which, when implemented collectively, are intended to achieve a specific market development objective.

Administrator - the Administrator of FAS, or designee.

Advisory Committee - a group of representatives from the private sector appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture whose primary mission is to review proposals requesting funding under the EMP and make recommendations on projects and programs that can enhance exports through the use of program funds.

Agreement - a written assistance agreement under this part.

Agricultural Commodity - an agricultural commodity, food, feed, fiber, wood, livestock, or insect, and any product thereof; and fish harvested from a U.S. aquaculture farm or harvested by a vessel as defined in Title 46, United States Code, in waters that are not waters (including the territorial sea) of a foreign country.

Attache/Counselor - the Foreign Agricultural Service employee representing United StatesDepartment of Agricultureinterests in the foreign country in which promotional activities are conducted.

CCC - Commodity Credit Corporation.

Compliance Review Staff - the office within the Foreign Agricultural Service responsible for performing reviews of Recipients to ensure compliance under this part.

Constraint - a condition in a particular country or region which inhibits the development, expansion, or maintenance of exports of a specific U.S. agricultural commodity or product.

Cost Share/Contribution - the amount of funding (cash and in-kind) U.S. entities are willing to commit from their own resources in support of an approved project.

Deputy Administrator - the Deputy Administrator, Commodity and Marketing Programs, Foreign Agricultural Service, or designee.

Emerging Market - any country or regional grouping that is taking steps toward a market-oriented economy through the food, agriculture, or rural business sectors of the economy of the country; has the potential to provide a viable and significant market for United States agricultural commodities or products; a population greater than 1 million; and a per capita income level below the level for upper middle-income countries as determined by the World Bank.

EMP - Emerging Markets Program.

FAS - Foreign Agricultural Service.

Generic Promotion - an activity that does not involve or promote the exclusive or predominant use of an individual company name or logo or brand name.

Project - an approach or undertaking made up of one or more activities which, taken together, are intended to achieve a specific market development objective.

Project Funds - the funds made available to a Recipient by the Commodity Credit Corporation under an agreement, and authorized for expenditure in accordance with this part.

Proposal - an application for funding.

Recipient - a U.S. entity receiving financial assistance directly from the Commodity Credit Corporation or Foreign Agricultural Service to carry out a project.

SRTG - State Regional Trade Group.

STRE - sales and trade relations expenses including meals, receptions, refreshments, checkroom fees, tips, and dining decorations.

UES - Unified Export Strategy.

USDA - United StatesDepartment of Agriculture.